Retul Bike Fit - Physiotherapy Led for Complex Issues

A 3 hour appointment with an in depth interview, assessment of your biomechanics, analysis of riding position and bike fit, all using the Retul technology. This fit is recommended for those with multiple issues or complex medical history.


Retul Bike Fit

A condensed bike fit session including rider interview, functional movement screen, bike fit analysis. Please note there is insufficient time to go through an "off the bike" management plan in this session as it is only 2 hours.


Biomechanical Assessment

This is something we do as part of the bike fit, but if you are happy with your position and just want to know how you can improve with "off the bike" and strength work then this is for you. We will email you with an exercise programme following the consultation which will last 1-1.5 hours. All undertaken by a Chartered Physiotherapist.


Retul Bike Fit - Additional Bike

We can fit an additional bike in the SAME session for a discounted price, even if it is for a different discipline e.g. track/MTB.



Specialist cycling specific physiotherapy is available in a variety of clinics from Bianca. Please contact each individual clinic for the cost & availability.

Spire - Little Aston

Physiokinetic - Birmingham

Cycles UK - Basildon


Saddle Hire

We stock a range of test saddles and also stock Cobb saddles.

£20 + PP