Bike Fitting – What is bike fitting and why should I get one?

What is bike fitting and why should I get one?

Bike fitting is a relatively “new” concept, although it was much more popular in America before transitioning over to the UK.

In recent years it has become much more scientific, with companies looking to transition what they learn about anthropometrics into bike frames and geometries.

Essentially, “bike fitting” is the process of setting up a bicycle in relation to the cyclist who will be riding it. This may take into account previous injuries, current injuries, style of riding and adaptability of the bike and may vary over time.


Do I need to get a bike fit?

We find that some individuals are able to set their bike up relatively well through either previous experience or by problem solving using the various products that are out on the market.

However sometimes the problems that someone is experiencing are too complex and need an outside view – which is where the role of a bike fitter comes in.

This could be saddle discomfort, problems clipping in & out on the pedals or for performance.


Why should I get a bike fit?

Essentially you should get a bike fit if:

  • You are having discomfort e.g. pins and needles
  • You want to improve your performance


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