Matt Saunders – End of Season 2015

The 2015/16 season has been what I can only describe as a season that has made me realise that effort, motivation and the desire to want something so bad can really come true.

Just recapping on the 2015/16 goals:

10 mile TT under 23.30 Done @ 21.15

25 mile TT under 1.05.00 Done @ 55.02

Winter Club TT – Under 24.00 Done @ 23.45

Summer Club TT –  17.00 Done @ 16.02

Club Hill Climb – Go for the win ( Joint 1st place)

The season started pretty bad with a nasty crash on the first club summer TT of the year, luckily nothing broken other than the 3 spoke wheel and a ruined skin suit and some confidence.

MattSaunders3 MattSaunders2

The early season form was there from the off with a nice PB on the E2/10 my position wasn’t the lowest of positions but Bianca @ Fit your bike was addressing some glute issues that I had from the previous season.


By May time I had racked loads of PB’S and felt that all the training over the winter months had really started to pay off, I was averaging about 2 Mph more than on last years tt’s. With June fast approaching the coach turned his attention to gearing the training around doing my first sub hour on a 25 mile TT.

My first attempt didn’t go to plan! On the way to the E2/25 the rear disc wheel tyre exploded in the car, not only did this leave me with no disc wheel but thinking this must be a bad omen……Needless

to say the 22 mph headwind to the turn didn’t help my cause but averaging only 21.5 mph was not going to get me the magical 25mph I needed. The return was very fast but I finished in 1.02.02!

It wasn’t the end of the world as I had another chance to sub hour in August just a month away!

In the meantime I had to try and make sure I got the win on the Summer Club TT, having had 20 seconds taken out of me leaving me in 2nd place a few weeks back. I decided to drop the front end and see how the glutes managed!

It was one of them nights when it looked good for it, warm, humid low pressure the air felt light. It all feel into place and managed a  16.02 which was enough to take the summer series and the club record. New position below.


Now back to that very important milestone! The sub hour!

Now I have yet to be refused to ride at CTT event but it happened, I never made the cut on the E2/25 Metrow Foods in August, too slow in previous rides. What, I can’t have that I have worked and trained so hard for this, so I decided to go up and ride it! It’s a public road, and off I went.

It was a better day nice and warm with a little tailwind to help me home, I started of at around 80% of my FTP and was holding some back for the return leg. I t hit the Turn at 26 Mph I had that feeling this is possible! A tail wind on the way home could get me back even quicker. Every mile that went by my mind was thinking don’t puncture or have a mechanical…..

I was into the last mile and I was averaging 27 + Mph and finally finished on 55.02 It won’t count in CTT events but I know that I have done it, now it will be how much will I break the hour not will I.

SPOCO Events have been ticked off all season and it’s getting towards the end of the year with only a few events left. I have been sitting in 14 place which is 2 places outside a bronze medal! The Colchester Rovers 25 mile event was on the cards and it was good to me last year with a pb of 1.08.00 and 1st in class, so that was it I had to ride it. It was a great ride for me and I knocked off 4 minutes on the course PB plus with the added bonus of joint 12 it gave me the extra points needed to get in 12 place.

Picture below is just before the Colchester Rovers 25 mile TT start.


So now with a couple of events left I had to hope for results to work in my favour! It was on the E1 where I managed to secure my 12th place! I needed the maths to work in my favour! Sadly is wasn’t to be and I ended up coming 14th place overall, not to be sniffed at for my first year of being in the SPOCO. I have learned a lot about the courses and next year will be my year for sure 🙂

So the season is now drawing to a close and I had one last chance to get a good 10 mile TT pb before the season ends. So it was off to the E2/10 for a blast. It was a perfect day for the E2 not a drop of wind and about 24 degrees, thank fully it was a day to remember and I crossed the line on 21.15 averaging over 28.2mph, something that had someone would have told me at the beginning of the season I would have said NO WAY 🙂 Pic below at the roundabout on the E2.


So now my attention is drawn to the Club hill climb in October. With 4 weeks to get back on the road bike and start to train around short hard intervals for the 1.2 mile climb.

A week before the event I came down with a cold! Typical, it’s always the way you train for an event and then you get sick! I had nothing to loose and trained all week, it was a tapering week so the intensity wasn’t as bad.

The day arrived and it was a nice morning with a 7mph head wind up the climb. I was number 8 to go just behind the man who won last year Paul Turton who was probably the only rider there that could upset the standings! I started well and the first climb wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Half way through I started to get a build up of lactic in the legs and decided to spin a bit faster to clear it. The final climb came and it flattens a little at the top, I went to change it into the big ring and my finger slipped! Had another go and it went over, and I finished on the line@ 4.26 344watts

Paul had finished and we returned to the car park for the results, what a final event of the year, we had the exact same times! It was a great way to end the season sharing the hill climb title with Paul.

King of the Mountain 🙂 Not really but it felt good, will have to share the socks with Paul LOL!


So to recap and some STATS

Raced 48 time trials this season

12 PB’S

29 Course PB’S

10 mile PB 21.15

25 mile PB 55.02

FTP Jan 245 W October 284 W

SPOCO – 12th Place

Goals for 2016

10 mile TT Sub 21 minutes

25 mile TT Sub 55 minutes

Gateway Summer TT inside 15 mins

Gateway Winter TT Inside 22mins

SPOCO top 10

Ride a CTT National 25 mile TT

To make the Amateur World Time Trial in Perth, Australia In Sept 2016.


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