SPONSORSHIP – now welcoming applications

We regularly receive emails from Age Group triathletes and high level cycling teams asking for sponsorship. Unfortunately as a small business we cannot provide monetary support, but we are now in a position where we can offer a couple of slots for FREE (yes FREE) bike fits booked into our offseason slots.

This is because we are trying to increase our coverage and hope to be expanding in the near future.

What we want in return is you to:

* Print our logo on your tri suit next season
* Help us out with social media exposure e.g. sharing posts and tweeting
* Send us your race photos
* If you also wanted to blog for us then you would be more than welcome!

If you are interested in a Retul Bikefit with Bianca, then please email Bianca@fityourbike.co.uk.

Equally if you are a cycling team and would like to partner up then please get in contact.

T&Cs to be published in the near future.


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