Tuesday’s Top Tip #1 Pedal Adjustment

Welcome to our new "Tuesday's top tips". We receive a lot of general enquiries on bike fit matters so thought we would take some time to address these.

The first issue we are going to discuss is pedal/spring tension. If you are thinking about going clipless or have recently gone clipless and finding it difficult to clip in and out then you may want to read on.

Did you know there is a small allen key adjust on the pedal itself? You can turn it clockwise and anticlockwise, and it is marked by a + or a -.

If you want to make it easier to clip in and out, turn it towards the - symbol, and conversely to make it harder.


If you are really struggling with the pedals then it could be worth looking at Look pedals, Speedplay Light Action, or Shimano Click'rs.

Feel free to email us on info@fityourbike.co.uk or 07534993680 for further information.

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