Tuesday’s Top Tip #3 Saddle Height


I see it time and time again, newbie cyclist out on a club run and the SADDLE IS TOO LOW (moreso than too high).

You thinkin it’s so easy, buy a bike and a helmet, and that’s that.

Then you start riding, and it’s okay on short distances but the niggles start to set in as you up your mileage.

If we can give one tip it’s to get your saddle to an acceptable height, be it via a #bikefit, a basic assessment of position or the most experienced rider in your club.

Getting this “right” will mean you can:

* Reduce fatigue
* Improve hill climbing ability
* Reduce lactate build up
* Improve endurance
* Improve saddle comfort

If you have any questions feel free to email info@fityourbike.co.uk ot text/call 07534993680

Bikefits available at Cycles UK in Essex and Physiokinetic in Birmingham.csp_logo_2011_0

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