What does a bike fit involve?

A physiotherapy led interview about your riding habits and goals, a functional assessment of your strength, flexibility and movement patterns, and then a detailed review of your pedalling style. We then make changes to your cleats, saddle and cockpit set up based on the findings from the assessment.


Do I need to fill in any forms?

Yes we require you to fill in some simple forms during the fit in order to ascertain a little bit more information about you as a rider.


What if my bike is the wrong size?

Please contact us prior to the fit as we may be able to advise. If the bike isn’t the optimal size then we may still be able to organise a bike fit but it is dependant on your needs as a rider and the bike geometry.


How long does a bike fit last?

Approx 3 hours.


Do I need to be a serious rider to benefit?

Most of our clients are new to cycling or are experiencing discomfort on the bike.


What if I have a leg length discrepancy?

We can use specialist components to adapt the shorter leg if necessary.


Do you stock replacement equipment?

We stock a small range of specialist products but Cycles UK also stock a wide range of saddles, stems and components.


What should I wear?

Ideally you need to wear tight fitting clothes, and tri suits are idea as they expose the arm for electrode placements.


What should I bring?

Your bike, shoes, a change of clothing and suitable food and fluids.


Please note if your bike has specialist equipment e.g. integrated seat post or stem please advise us at the time of booking.