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We use state of the art Gebiomized pressure mapping to help identify what saddle might work best for you.

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Ed MossEd Moss
08:32 13 Oct 23
I've been racing for over 30 years and in the past couple of seasons had developed some nasty one pain, due to going over on my ankle chasing the dog.. After a very through consultation (And nice chat about Cancellara) pleased to say knee pain has gone. No more finishing rides on one leg. Well worth it!
mitchell brintonmitchell brinton
09:28 19 Jul 23
I’ve been riding road bikes since I was 16 and I’m now 26 and I’ve always had knee issues from day one which I’ve tried many different things to try and resolve and I had given up and assumed that nothing could be done. I was recommended by a friend to go see Bianca to have a bike fit and the results were far better than I could ever have hoped for. Since seeing Bianca I haven’t had a single bit of knee paid the bike fit process was super thorough and informative. She’s also been really helpful with aftercare with any questions I may have hadCan’t recommend her enough well worth the money and it was a good experience 10/10Thankyou !
Jerome JonesJerome Jones
10:37 05 Jun 23
Fantastic bike fit, Bianca is super helpful and specific to your needs. Get over there!
Holness LHolness L
06:18 05 Oct 22
Bianca knows her stuff! Incredibly thorough and provided deailed information on how to work on the issues I was having. Highly recommend giving it a go if you're doing a reasonable amount of riding
Stuart JonesStuart Jones
07:57 01 Jun 22
Bianca was very easy to work with, knowledgeable and provides email support after the fit. Made many small changes to the bike and shoes/cleats, resulting in being more comfortable in the saddle and helping to alleviate lower back pain - would recommend.
Wiilam O'HareWiilam O'Hare
21:06 21 May 22
A really thorough experience. Bianca was patient and took her time to explain clearly what she was doing. I will definitely be back for a follow up session in a few months.
Andrew WoodsAndrew Woods
22:14 23 Jan 22
Had a bike fit with Bianca to get my road bike set up with aero bars. Really comprehensive session with no stone unturned - even fixed an issue with my steering! Following the session a full list of options for the parts required were supplied. Will be back in the next month or so to check I've followed instructions and got everything fitted correctly. Cant recommend enough!
Kas OmerKas Omer
19:46 15 Jul 20
Had 3 bike fits with Bianca.1. Initial road bike fit and assessment which was highly recommended to avoid injury and pain.2. The 2nd was an improved road bike fit 18 months later due to being fitter, and a hybrid fitting as I was riding to work and getting pain.I cannot praise you enough Bianca, even if you did move 200 miles away. ?I am now 5 years into my cycling and still going strong. Although I could do with another update for saddle advice as I know this is your area of expertise. ??‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?
Gareth HGareth H
19:44 15 Jul 20
Had a couple of bike fits with Bianca, amazing insights gained, she's incredibly knowledge. She helps you relax and takes the time time to understand any issues you have off the bike first before assessing you on it. Really helped me get comfortable in the saddle.
Stuart ArmitageStuart Armitage
18:48 15 Jul 20
I first met Bianca when she did a bike fit for me in 2015. I had issues with sore shoulders and lower back on long rides. A full assessment of medical issues, flexibility, and of course bike position led to a couple of changes with my bike (stem length and seat post) and the pains I had experienced then disappeared. MAGIC!We have since become good friends as we realised we lived near to each other, and are now cycling club mates.Bianca has also helped me to buy bikes based on their geometry, and has fitted me for a Time Trial bike set up on more than one occasion. The first occasion I felt I needed the seat moving forward a little, but she advised me that would hurt my knees. So I went home and put the bike of the turbo, moved the seat forward 1cm, did an hour, got off the turbo with sore knees! I immediately put the seat back to where she told me it should be and I never had sore knees again. Lesson learned!I can't recommend her highly enough: I'll tell anyone who will listen that she's a genius.
Lucy EdwardsLucy Edwards
10:41 13 Jul 20
I had a bike fit with Bianca at Fit Your Bike in 2016 and it was one of the best investments I've made into my cycling. The process was very thorough and detailed, beginning with a thorough assessment of my body’s flexibility, stability, symmetry and strength. Using the Retul system to gather data, Bianca was able to make small adjustments to the set up of my bike which has resulted in a more comfortable and efficient riding position. I'd highly recommend Fit Your Bike for solving any cycling discomfort and niggling issues, particularly saddle pain.

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