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We offer a range of services to cater for your needs. If you don't see something we offer then get in touch, otherwise you can book online below.

Please note, we are not currently accepting bookings due to COVID-19. We expect to be able to open up availability soon.

Saddle Fit*
Up to 1 hours
Basic functional assessment
Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping
*Note - not yet available to book
Aero Bike Fit
Up to 3 hours
Functional assessment
Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping
Motion capture included
Suitable for TT and Triathlon bikes
Optional insoles
Emphasis on aero/comfort as required
Follow Up
Up to 1 hour
Suitable for previous clients who have visited within the last 6 months
Optional insoles

In some cases, more complex mechanical work may need to be undertaken on the bike to ensure a complete positional charge, this is not included within the session fee. Examples of this include; crank changes, re-cabling and permanent changes to extension poles.

In addition, any changes to equipment including but not limited to; a shorter stem, handlebars, pedals, cleats , orthotics and wedges are all subject to a charge and not included within the session fee.